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  CHART No. 1, SQUARE GROUPER AIRLINES, Southernmost delivery.  The 'Square Grouper' are not as plentiful as they once were, but still a couple show up every once in a while.
 CHART No. 2, LAST FLIGHT OUT.  A familiar sound at many of the watering holes around town.  'Barkeep get us another round.  We'll catch the last flight out.'
CHART No. 3, PILAR, HEADED HOME.  Ernest Hemingway's fishing boat headed home from somewhere.  Cuba, Bahamas, where ever he wanted to go. 
CHART No. 4, GOT BUTTER?    I don't think a lot has to be said about this one.
CHART No. 5, SOUTHERNMOST POINT.  The southernmost point of the Continental United States.  (Or at least close to it.)  90 miles to Cuba, (or close to it) closer than Miami.
CHART No. 6, PAPA'S BIMINI BLUE.   PAPA'S BIMINI BLUE.    Ernest hooks on to another blue marlin from Pilar, off the coast of Bimini.
CHART No. 7, CAPTAIN TONY'S SALOON.  The original Sloppy Joes Bar.  The Hemingway hangout for many years. 
CHART No. 8, SLOPPY JOE'S BAR.  The beginning, or end, of many of a Duval Street Crawl.
CHART No. 9, THE BEACON.  The Key West light house.  Trying to keep those old boats off the reef.  
CHART No. 10, NAPPING AT ERNIE'S PLACE.  One of the infamous five toed cats taking a nap in the afternoon.

CHART NO. 11, KRACKEN.  One of the big boys sailors need to watch out for.
CHART No. 12,  GOURMET BURGER SHOP.  Absolutely the best place for a burger up in the Gig Harbor area.  Guaranteed.
CHART No. 13,  OVERSEAS BAR AND GRILL.  One of the oldest 'places' in Marathon.  Soon to re open.
CHART No. 14,  KEY WEST, END OF THE LINE.  Pretty much says it all for some folks, but looking at the other side, it could be the beginning of the line.
CHART No. 15,  IN SEARCH OF PINK GOLD.  A shrimp boat heads out looking for the delicious pink shrimp. 
CHART No. 16,  THE OVERSEAS RAILROAD.  Flagler's dream, carrying people from Miami to Key West.  Untill the great hurricane.
CHART No. 17,  ONE ISLAND JUST LEADS TO ANOTHER.  Thinking of the days when sea planes delivered people to all the islands of the Caribbean.  
CHART No. 18,  JUST NOT ENOUGH TIME.  Signposts to all the 'spots' in Key West.
The Hawksbill Turtle is an endangered species.  Gets his name from the shape of his beak.
CHART No. 20,  MORNING MAHI.  A mahi mahi or dolphin jumps with the morning sun coming up.  
CHART No. 21,  CONCH CRUISER.  Watching the sunset after a day on the beach.  What a great feeling.
CHART No. 22, VACA KEY AND BOOT KEY HARBOR.  And one of those beautiful dolphins jumping for the joy of jumping.  
CHART No.  23, MANATEE COUNTRY.  Everyone's favorite, the gentle giant of the waters.  Can't help but love them.
CHART No.  24, BIG PINE KEY AND EVENING MEAL pelicans.  The grace these creatures show while diving for food is just amazing.
CHART No. 25, LONG KEY AND THE BIG BOY.  One of the big iguanas that run up and down the island chain.  Big and beautiful.  In a way.
number 26

Number 27
Number 28
Number 29.
Number 30.  MARATHON, VACA KEY AND DOLPHIN.  A bull chases a flying fish.
Number 31.  FUN IN THE SUN.  A Florida beauty enjoys the beach.  
Number 32.  DENIZEN.  Key West sunset, surrounding waters and a surprise from the deep.