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I moved to the Florida Keys in 1996 as the first step in realizing my dream of cruising the islands of the Caribbean.

I bought the sailboat, "Tranquillity", a forty-one foot ketch, and after a short time in the Keys, headed to the Bahamas.  The part of the adventure I enjoyed most was the fact that I had never sailed before.  After about a year of island hopping, I realized it was time to come back and start rebuilding my "cruising kitty". 

Taking a job in construction allowed me to work, but also head back to the islands every chance I could.  When the economic downturn hit the Keys, I was laid off and it was suggested to me to try painting, something I had always wanted to attempt.  

In 2008, I started my career as an artist.  With no formal training, I started working in acrylics and then changed to oils.  My paintings reflect what I love the most; Tropical Islands, the landmarks of the Florida Keys and Marine Life.

I live and paint aboard Tranquillity and because of limited light below decks, my colors usually show brighter and with more boldness than if I had an actual studio.  I also occasionally do pen and ink work on swordfish bills, a technique that looks a lot like scrimshaw, and now my new passion, the Square Grouper Airlines Charts.  Also, I just started wood burning on just about anything I can get my hands on.  Wood and gourds are what I am currently working on, but you can bet there will be other 'canvas's' in the near future.  

Formerly a president and show chairman for the Florida Keys Art Guild, you can see me and my work at several shows between November and March at various venues in the Keys.

In my off time, I like to snorkel, fish, lobster hunt and enjoy boating of any kind.  Planning the next adventure also takes up some of my time.

I hope you enjoy my art as much as I enjoy creating it.
You can view Chuck's work at:

Guild Hall Gallery
614 Duval Street
Key West, Florida

 Enjoying a cup of coffee in my favorite chair.