Welcome to my world.  On this site you will find a collection of my artwork from Key West and Florida Keys landmarks, to Marine Life, to Tropical Island scenes, and now a Square Grouper Airlines Chart series.   What I am finding out is whenever I can find something interesting to do art on, I will.  The latest of my experiments wood burning on gourds and whatever I can find.  

The Florida Keys landmarks are of places of interest up and down the Florida Keys, from Key Largo to Key West.  Beaches, bars and restaurants like Sloppy Joe’s, Captain Tony’s, the Hogs Breath Saloon and others.  The Hemingway house and the Blue Heaven are also included, along with the Key West Lighthouse, and the Southernmost Point monument, a popular spot with visitors, and mermaids have entered the picture, plus many more.

The Marine life images are of wildlife both above and below the surface of the crystal clear waters of the Florida Keys and the tropics.  Egrets, pelicans, fish and turtles are a favorite of all, and there is always a different animal to paint.  I try to capture the individuality of each of the animals I paint, and try to infuse some personality into each one of them.

Tropical sunsets are a favorite of everyone.  In my sunset paintings, I try to capture the amazing light show that the sun gives us when day is done.  Framed with palm trees and native plants the images show how the sun turns the colors of the clouds, the sky and the waters into a show of its own, a different picture every day.

The tropical island category is of either islands I have visited, or, imagined I would like to visit.  This is my ‘fantasy island’ category.  Straight from my imagination.  Perfect islands.  Perfect waters.  Perfect weather.

There are some originals for sale, but the bulk of my sales are prints.  Each print is available in four different sizes and is available either matted or matted and framed in a weathered wood frame.  They are now also available on tile, in original lobster trap wood frames.  

​And now the Square Grouper Airlines Charts and the woodburning pieces on wood and gourds.   The wood burning genre is the newest, and I am truly loving  doing these.  I hope you enjoy this site and my artwork as much as I enjoying doing them.

Chuck Hightower
Copyright 2011 Charles Hightower.  All Rights Reserved
  Number 7, EYE OF THE ORCA.  Wood burned on gourd with a variety of dyes, paints etc.  $125.00
​Number 1, REACHING OUT.    Wood burned with copper leaf accents.  $125.00
PYROGRAPHY.  Meaning to draw with fire, is a versatile art form that dates back to the Victorian age and continues to thrive today because of its beauty and endless posssibilities.  I'm finding out the canvass to draw on are endless.  
Number 6, EYE OF THE KRACKEN.  Wood burn and dyes on gourd.  $100.00
EARLY ARRIVAL, KEY WEST.  Woodburn on bass wood in a weathered wood frame.  11 x 14, $125.00ext.